Bullying Information

Bullying Prevention

Our schools strive to provide a safe, inclusive learning environment for all students that supports the social and emotional well-being of our students. Staff work with students to build positive school cultures and teach curriculum that encompasses bullying prevention and social skills. We want each of our students to know how to recognize bullying and what to do when they see it happening to them, their friends or classmates.

Clover Park School District Board of Directors adopted Policy 3207-Prohibition of Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying, in accordance with state law (RCW 28A.300.285):

The procedures include several actions related to the prevention of harassment, intimidation and bullying:

  • Students will receive age-appropriate information to help them recognize, report and prevent harassment, intimidation and bullying;
  • Staff will receive annual training on the new policy and procedures, including staff roles and responsibilities;
  • District and school websites will share information on how to report instances of harassment, intimidation and bullying-including contact information for the appropriate district administrators and district compliance officer;
  • The policy and procedures will also be readily available on district and school websites and in all schools and district offices; and
  • Anti-bullying strategies and expectations will be incorporated into the counseling and guidance curriculum.

Talk With Your Student

It is important to talk with your student about bullying. Here are links to resources to help:


Reports of harassment, intimidation and bullying may be made verbally or in writing to any staff member. Copies of Policy 3207, and its procedures, are also available on our district board policies page and in the Student Services Center at 10903 Gravelly Lake Drive SW, Lakewood, WA.

For questions or more information, contact Kristi Smith, director of student services and district compliance officer, at 253-583-5154.


In Our Schools

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Beach buddies

Located on Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Beachwood Elementary School experiences a lot of new students entering the school throughout the year. Its "beach buddies" program assigns one or two students in each class to help new students get adjusted to their surroundings.

Beach buddies have three important jobs:

  • Be a "buddy" to all students
  • Watch the "buddy bench" for students in need of a friend
  • Take new students on a tour of the school and make them feel welcome

"The aim of this program is to create a positive school culture where students feel safe and ready to learn," said Beachwood counselor Michael Wells.

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Poster contest

Rainier Elementary School held an anti-bullying poster contest in October as part of its efforts to recognize Bullying Prevention Month. Winning posters were selected for each grade level by a committee made up of four of the school's Watch D.O.G.S. dads.

The winning posters will be enlarged and put in the halls to remind Rainier students how to recognize and respond to bullying.

Increasing student voice

Lakes High School is focused on decreasing bullying by putting student leaders at the forefront. Each advisory class will elect a student representative this year who can bring issues up to school administration and the ASB.

"The more we can hear from students about what they're experiencing and what they think needs to be addressed, the more we can tackle the issue effectively," said Lakes leadership teacher Katy Kirkham Schafer.

Lakes' ASB students have also taken the initiative to help educate more students about bullying. Typically, ASB officers put on an assembly about bullying for ninth graders, but this year, they're doing an assembly for each grade level and creating activities for students to do in their advisory classes on the topic.