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Elementary Schools

Our elementary lunch program features the "Kids Way Cafe." Every day, we offer at least five entree selections. To complement the entree, a variety of fresh and canned fruits/vegetables are available on our offering bar. Offering bars are self-service. Nonfat chocolate and 1% milk are also available.

Most of our elementary schools also offer breakfast before school. Breakfast includes a daily special entree or crisp cereal variety. Students may also select from our fresh or canned fruit or juice offering and a milk. The following schools offer free breakfast to all students: Beachwood, Carter Lake, Custer, Dower, Evergreen, Four Heroes, Hillside, Park Lodge, Rainier, Tillicum, Lakeview, Lake Louise and Tyee Park.

Middle Schools

Our middle schools offer DYK, also known as "Did You Know." Multiple entree choices, including hand formed pizza crusts and fresh baked deli bread, plus daily specials, are but a few of the selections. Offering bars have fresh/canned fruits and vegetables to round out your student's meal. These are self-service bars. Nonfat chocolate and 1% milk are also available. We also offer snack bars where students may purchase a variety of.

All middle schools offer hot breakfast every morning. Items such as ham/egg/cheese muffins and pancakes are just a few of our breakfasts that can give your student the jump-start they need for a day of learning. Breakfast is free for all students at Lochburn and Woodbrook Middle Schools.

High Schools

Clover Park High School and Lakes High School offer many of the same items as the middle schools under the "Crossroads Cafe" format; including entrees and offering bars with fruits/vegetables, and milk. Clover Park offers a hot breakfast every morning.


Each item in our menu is analyzed for nutrition. Menu analysis is gauged against the National School Lunch/National School Breakfast Program and the "Dietary Guidelines for Healthy Americans". Meals contribute one-third of the recommended daily allowance (RDA's) for calories, protein, iron, calcium, and vitamins A & C based on the applicable age or grade levels. We encourage eating a balanced diet. Nutrition information is provided for students throughout the year.