YMCA Youth and Government 

Harrison Preparatory School Students Visit Washington State Capitol
Posted on 05/14/2023
Harrison Preparatory School 10th grade students visited the Washington State Capitol as participants of the YMCA’s Youth and Government program.

Participants of the Youth and Government program immerse themselves in experiential civic engagement, discuss prominent issues that affect those who live in Washington and even propose legislation. Students also serve as delegates at their state conference and debate bills on the floor of the legislature.

We are proud of these students for taking initiative to explore their career interest as future leaders: Ahlayah Chung-Evans, Amarley Herman, Lydia Holmes, Violet Johnson, Kasia King, Sotiria Sexton and Nevaeh Tutt.

The YMCA Youth and Government program is a national program that focuses on empowering students from every corner of the U.S. by giving them the opportunity to learn about and experience government policies and methodologies firsthand.