March Calendar Feature

Celebrating Music in Our Schools
Posted on 03/07/2023

This year's theme for the Clover Park School District calendar is “Imagine.” Students approach everything they do without limitations, knowing they can achieve any goal they have for their future.

This March is Music In Our Schools Month, and we are celebrating the ways music education can improve the academic and social performance of CPSD students. This month’s feature photo showcases bassoonist Lydia Cannon, clarinetist Selina Chan and bass clarinetist Giselle Uribe who were proud members of the Hudtloff Middle School band during the 2021-22 school year.

Learning to play an instrument is a challenging and fulfilling skill that students can use throughout their lifetime. According to the National Association for Music Education, mastery of an instrument helps students develop language and reasoning skills, increase coordination, stay engaged in school, improve teamwork and math skills, become better readers and much more.

At CPSD, students have the opportunity to join music classes in middle and high school. Whether they have previous experience studying music or are picking up an instrument for the first time, students can sign up for a class that meets them at their level. At Hudtloff, Lydia, Selina and Giselle all played woodwind instruments in Sarah Sandstrom’s concert band class.

“I met some really good friends in band and my teacher, Ms. Sandstrom, made the class really engaging,” Selina said. “Learning to read sheet music can be kind of challenging, but it’s also a learning experience that lets you learn how to use teamwork and put in effort to play music as a group.”

This year, Selina is playing clarinet in the Lakes High School band and encourages students to try out band for themselves if they are ever interested. “If someone wants to take band, they should make sure to practice and memorize the notes but also remember this is school where you can make mistakes and have fun,” she said.

 Music is an important part of CPSD curriculum that allows students to express their creativity while building character as a team player and learning a lifelong skill. These classes create waves of benefits that extend far beyond the music classroom. Whether your student plays in band or sings in choir, we celebrate the hard work and effort they commit to their craft.