Lakes HS Students Accepted to Boeing Internship

Lakes High School Students Accepted to Boeing Summer Internship Program
Posted on 05/05/2022
Lakes High School Students Accepted to Boeing Summer Internship

Nine Lakes High School students were accepted to the Summer 2022 Core Plus Aerospace Internship program hosted by The Boeing Company. Kidd Anderson, Lesieliamelouinga Clayton, James Gus, Mathew Jordan, Micah Kim, Terrell Smith II, Paul Tii, Jorge Vargas and James Zacher are currently enrolled in the Aerospace and Manufacturing career and technical education (CTE) course at Lakes where they have learned the required skills for this exciting internship opportunity.

In this paid on-site internship, these Lakes students will work full-time at Boeing facilities in Everett, Renton or Auburn to learn directly from Boeing trainers and early career professionals. They will continue building their foundational skills for successful future careers in fields like aircraft maintenance, mechatronics, applied science, engineering and more.

The students feel like they have acquired many of the tools they need to succeed through their time in the Aerospace and Manufacturing CTE course. “A lot of what we’ve been doing in here we’ll be doing with Boeing, just at a little higher level with more advanced tools,” Zacher said.

“This class has prepared us for all the basic skills we need for many of the jobs at Boeing and other careers in engineering,” Kim said. “This class was just a great step in the right direction to start a career.”

CTE educator Scott Noe coached the students through the application process of a professional corporate organization and supported them through interviews.

Noe is proud of all his students and hopes they learned the important foundations for a future in engineering through their time in his course. “I hope when they leave my class the students will have developed the critical thinking and teamwork skills not to just work in industry but to excel in industry,” he said.

High school students who are interested in pursuing a career in aerospace or another technical field can visit the CPSD Course Catalog to explore the array of CTE courses offered at Lakes and Clover Park High School.