Parent Academy - Virtual Social Media Discussions

Parent Academy Virtual Discussions on Social Media
Posted on 02/23/2022
Parent Academy Virtual Discussions on Social Media

Isn’t it difficult raising kids in the digital age? Many students rely on social media to socialize, and we’ve seen a rise in dangerous social media challenges and fake accounts with hurtful content.

CPSD is hosting a four-part series to tackle the challenges of social media and share tools to help your student navigate the ups and downs of these digital platforms.

The remainder of this virtual series will be held weekly at 5:30 p.m. via Zoom and explore a different social media topic. Beginning with part-two, “Friendships and Boundaries,” on March 2, the conversations will be in English on Wednesdays and in Spanish on Fridays.

The upcoming topics include:

Friendships & Boundaries: March 2 - English, March 4 - Spanish

It doesn’t take long for problems to escalate on social media. Simple conversations with friends can lead to arguments, bullying or worse. Communication is key! We’ll explore the ways you and your student can improve their communication skills to avoid unnecessary conflict and harmful behavior.

Who are You on Social Media: March 9 - English, March 11 - Spanish

Social Media can be complicated for all of us. Some students may feel like they aren’t active enough, but it’s easy to share too much. Your online representation becomes more important every day, so join this session to help your student learn what and when to share.

Who You’re Talking to Online: March 16 - English, March 18 - Spanish

How do relationships work online? It’s important for your student to connect with others, but they should make safety their priority. Join this course to help your student know who they’re talking to online and learn strategies to support healthy online relationships for your student.

To join these important conversations, please register for each virtual session on Zoom:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.