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Clover Park Kids CAN: Enrica Mendoza
Posted on 06/21/2021
Clover Park High School class of 2020 graduate Enrica Mendoza

Clover Park High School class of 2020 graduate Enrica Mendoza believes in the power of the digital world. That is why when the pandemic threw a wrench in the middle of her senior year last year, she went online to help her classmates stay connected and be heard. 

She started a student-run Instagram account that quickly grew to more than 350 followers. She posted fun activities, such as online spirt weeks, for her and her classmates to participate in from home since they couldn’t be together in school.  

When graduation plans were announced by the district, she started an online campaign for her fellow seniors to post what graduation means to them so they could be sure their voice was heard as decisions were being made. 

“I wanted to make sure my class was able to communicate during the pandemic,” she said. “Social media gave us the ability to tell the district how we felt.” 

Now a freshman at University of Washington in Seattle, she is exploring a future that would put her experience with social media to good use. She is planning to major in marketing at school’s business school. 

A four-year member of CPHS’s ASB, she enjoys being a leader and took any opportunity she could to plan events and make a difference around the school. She often created flyers and graphics to help advertise school events. She continues to develop that skillset at UW and by marketing a local non-profit football team in her free time. 

She is also learning more about foreign exchange markets and cryptocurrency. As she did in high school, Enrica is taking every opportunity available to her in college to grow and learn more about what interests her. 

“Our whole world is going digital these days,” she said. “I want to make sure I am educating myself on how things are changing and what we’re moving toward.” 

Enrica is one example of the more than 12,000 students in Clover Park School District who succeed inside and outside the classroom every day. She felt the need to lead even when school wasn’t in session and continues to build on those efforts today as she looks toward a bright future.