Clock Hours Information

Clock Hours Information 

Clock Hours

The Teaching and Learning Department provides assistance to Clover Park School District employees by providing clock hours free of charge for all district-level trainings.

Upon submission of a reflection form at the end of each workshop session, registered participants will be issued a Receipt of Clock Hours Earned form.

Clock Hour Transcripts

No annual transcript of CPSD clock hours earned will be issued to teachers or to the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI). Please keep a personal folder of all Receipt of Clock Hours Earned forms. Each teacher is still responsible for tracking and verifying to OSPI all clock hours earned for certification purposes.

Clock Hour Request Process

The CPSD District Instructional Strategies Committee (DISC) reviews and approves all workshops for clock hours. This committee has representation from the Teaching and Learning Department and the Clover Park Education Association (CPEA). All approved workshops are initiated and sponsored by a director within our district. A Request for Proposal (RFP) Web link is supplied annually to each director for this purpose.

Directors wishing to apply for clock hours must submit their RFPs to Teaching and Learning. Clock hours will not be approved retroactively for a training that has already commenced. Directors will be notified via email as to whether or not their workshops were approved for clock hours, or if more information is needed.

Upon approval, the Teaching and Learning Department will provide everything needed to offer clock hours. A packet with the following materials will be available for pick up in room 9 of the SSC by the sponsor or instructor on the morning of the training: clock hour instructions, sign in sheets, clock hour forms, and evaluations.

FAQs About Clock Hours

Reclaim Late Clock Hours Missed

To reclaim late clock hours missed by failing to mark complete and attest attendance within Frontline’s 48-hour deadline: 

  1. Print "proof of registration" by going to Frontline (go to My Info> View Denied Request). After printing the page, highlight the course you are reclaiming clock hours for.
  2. Print and Complete a Clock Hour Receipt 
    1. Fill out the form and make sure to complete the course evaluation on the back side of the Clock Hour Receipt 
    2. Obtain your Principal/ Supervisor’s signature on the Clock Hour Receipt
  3. Return completed Clock Hour Receipt form and "proof of registration" to Human Resources 

What is a clock hour?

Each 60 minutes of an approved in-service workshop equals one clock hour. Ten clock hours are equal to 1 quarter credit.

Who is ultimately responsible for my clock hours?

Individual teachers are responsible for maintenance of their own transcripts. Human Resources, the local Educational Services District (ESD), and CPSD are not responsible for ensuring that you have paid for or submitted verification of clock hours earned to any agency.

Does CPSD report clock hours earned to OSPI?

No. Each teacher is responsible for tracking and verifying to OSPI all clock hours earned for certification purposes. No annual transcript of CPSD clock hours earned will be issued to teachers or to OSPI.

How much do clock hours cost?

It varies. Within the CPSD, all workshops offered by the Teaching and Learning Department are free. However, workshops held at building sites generally offer clock hours via the Puget Sound ESD, which charges $2 per hour.

Why do I still have to pay for clock hours for workshops held at my building? Why aren't they all free, district-wide?

Individual buildings are not approved clock hour providers. In order to become an official provider, the Teaching and Learning Department underwent a rigorous approval process with OPSI that lasted many months. At this time, it is not financially or logistically feasible for our staff to vet instructors, approve workshop content, and then archive transcripts for each teacher for workshops held outside of our office.

Do I really have to pay for Puget Sound ESD clock hours earned at building sites or outside of the district if I don't need them for salary scale purposes? Can't I just keep track of them myself?

No. To use PSESD clock hours for salary and certification purposes, you MUST pay for them. If you are unable to pay for the clock hours at the time of the workshop, you have three weeks from the last day of the class to submit payment.

For clock hours earned at buildings or outside the district, when is the last day I can turn in clock hours/academic credit for salary placement?

Clock hours and/or academic credits will be accepted for salary placement through the last business day in September, no later than 4:30 p.m.

Who can offer clock hours?

Only a Washington State Board of Education-approved provider can offer clock hours. In Fall 2011, CPSD became an approved provider.

If I am moving out-of-state, will my clock hours be recognized?

Probably not. Each state has different requirements for its teacher's continuing education. Check with a state's Department of Education prior to your move to determine if they will accept them.

Who is not an approved clock hour provider?

Most out-of-state organizations have not been approved to offer Washington State clock hours. Many organizations offer contact hours, continuing education units (CEUs), or similar credit. Individuals need to check carefully that they are being offered clock hours and not contact hours, CEUs, or similar credit. Contact hours, CEUs, etc., cannot be accepted as clock hours. To verify if the class you are taking is an approved clock hour provider, visit OSPI's website and search for "approved clock hours" (

Whom do I contact if there are additional questions about clock hours and certification?

Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction
Old Capitol Building
PO BOX 47200
Olympia, WA 98504-7200
Professional Education and Certification email: [email protected]
Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction website:
Telephone: (360) 725-6400