About Open Doors

About Open Doors 

The Clover Park School District (CPSD) Open Doors Youth Reengagement Program is housed at Clover Park High School. The program offers a morning and afternoon session for students to participate in a blended learning model with highly-qualified teachers supporting student learning using Edgenuity online curriculum. Each student develops a personalized graduation plan which is tracked through weekly success counseling. Students may attend daily, or develop a special schedule to accommodate individual needs and barriers to attendance.

The Open Doors Program is staffed as follows:

  • 1.0 Program Administrator
  • 3.5 FTE Teachers
    • English
    • Social Studies
    • Math
    • Supplemental Contracted highly qualified teachers (Science, PE/Health)
    • .5 Special Education (SPED Funded)
  • 3.0 FTE Success Counselor
  • 1.0 FTE Family Involvement Coordinator
  • 1.0 Clerk
  • ELL Services provided as needed

Clover Park's blended model allows students to use the Edgenuity online platform as well as participate in traditional classroom experiences. Courses offered through Edgenuity have been reviewed for alignment to Washington State Standards and CPSD Curriculum Guides by instructional staff in partnership with the Teaching and Learning Department. Courses are adjusted to align to district standards when necessary.

Open Doors graduate with family members, smiling holding diploma

Students meet weekly with a success counselor. Success counselors must hold at a bachelor's degree in education or social work and/or have at least two years' experience providing services to at-risk individuals. All Open Doors staff interact with students, and all staff funded by Open Doors work with a group of students as a success counselor. Success counselors support the students in identifying and monitoring graduation goals, advocating for students, identifying and helping students navigate barriers to education, and developing relationships with the student's family to support the student.

Academic progress is defined by OSPI; the CPSD Youth Open Doors Reengagement Program uses the following progress indicators to define academic progress:

  1. Earned credit of at least .25;
  2. Met non-credit graduation requirement; and
  3. Pass state assessment requirements.

Students must make progress at least once every three months to maintain program eligibility.

While the state encourages partnerships in 1418 models, the state definition of partnerships focuses on alignment with education partners. The CPSD Open Doors Youth Reengagement Program has developed a holistic approach to partnerships, connecting to family, community, and educational partners. Family engagement efforts include home visits, events and Student Led Conferencing. Post-secondary connections include tours and program shadows with Clover Park Technical College, as well as a weekly college connection class, tours and Accuplacer testing with Pierce College.

Students engage in the community through events such as volunteering at the Caring for Kids Ready to Learn Fair and Holiday Fair, and reading to Tyee Park students on Dr. Seuss' Birthday. St. Leo's and Caring for Kids provide resources to help reduce student barriers including emergency clothing and weekend food bags. Students have developed a leadership and volunteer group focused on developing leadership and commitment to community in Open Doors students.

The average enrollment in the Program in 2015-2016 was 99, with the low enrollment at 59 and the high enrollment at 140. For the 2016-2017 school year, the average enrollment is 151. Enrollment in the on-site CPSD Open Doors Youth Reengagement Program is closed to out of- district students.

Students graduate from the Clover Park School District Open Doors Youth Reengagement Program with a high school diploma from the Open Doors Program. Students must complete the Washington State graduation requirements for their cohort year as defined by the State Board of Education to earn this diploma. In 2015- 2016, 20 students graduated from the onsite program. In January of 2017, 14 students graduated from the onsite program.

Credit Deficiency Calculation

#of Months from Student's Cohort Graduation Date Expected Credits Earned (CPSD) Significantly Credit Deficient when the student has earned less than: Evidence of Credit Deficiency
More than 24 months (Sophomore) 8.5 5.5 < 65%
12-24 months (Junior) 17 11.98 < 70%
Less than 12 months (Senior) 25.5 19.1 < 75%
Passed cohort by less than 12 months 34 25.5 < 75%
Passed cohort by more than 12 months 34 Not graduated Not graduated
Never attended 9th grade N/A No HS Credit No HS Credit

All Clover Park Open Doors 1418 Program Demographics (Onsite and Online)

Open Doors 1418 District Percent
Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander 4% 4.3%
American Indian or Alaskan Native 1% .5%
Asian 2% 4.5%
Hispanic or Latino 32% 31%
Multi-Racial 14% 13.1%
Black or African American 14% 12%
White 33% 33.7%