Overview of District Improvement Plan 2018-2023

District Improvement Plan 2018-23

Goal 1

Prepare all students for college and career readiness by increasing academic achievement and closing the gaps in achievement and college readiness.

(English Language Arts; Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math; College and Career Readiness)


  1. Close the achievement gap by ensuring academic growth for all students.
  2. Implement effective instruction across all programs and grade levels.
  3. Implement high-quality, standards-based district curriculum aligned vertically and horizontally to college and career readiness standards.
  4. Build capacity among staff to implement curriculum using effective instructional practices, while continually focusing on data in order to ensure learning for all students.
  5. Leverage partnerships, family engagement, and the High School and Beyond Plan process to increase awareness, participation, and success with college and career ready coursework and activities.

Goal 2

Increase engagement and communication with families to ensure equitable inclusion of all subgroups.


  1. Strengthen two-way respect and communication between schools and families.
  2. Leverage partnerships to engage families in their student's education.
  3. Engage families to increase academic achievement for all students.
  4. Build capacity among staff to engage positively and effectively with all families.

Goal 3

Create a culture of supportive learning environments for students and staff.


  1. Create and maintain a safe and inclusive learning environment for all students and staff.
  2. Ensure the positive social-emotional development of all students.
  3. Ensure that students have equal access to high-quality district resources and positive opportunities to learn.
  4. Build capacity among staff in implementing social-emotional learning practices and standards to ensure appropriate social-emotional growth of students and equity of student access.

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